La Crêperie Industrial Crêpe Maker


A1 Equipment


Our crepe machine quickly and easily makes beautifully sweet, crispy-on-the-outside, warm-and-soft-on-the-inside crêpes that you can sell at any time of the day. It produces delicious sweet or salty crepes in just 30 seconds!

Are you based in a restaurant, coffee shop or shopping mall? Are you a wedding event planner or event organiser? Certainly, this crepe machine will bring you in tremendous profits. Our range of easy-to-use mixes makes it even easier.
Our high-quality commercial units will produce  superb waffles very quickly.

For both speed and quality, it features cooking plates that are double-sided. This pro unit is designed in high-grade stainless steel and the genuine longlife Teflon non-stick surfaces are long-life, self-cleaning and anti-smoking.

A perfectly targeted (and rather clever) pump dispenser/nozzle helps you to pour the correct amount of crepe mix.

A unique, patented mix smoother ensures that your crepes are both delightfully smooth and perfectly round.

As one would expect from a unit of this quality, it includes an audible and visual digital timer and more.

Whether sweet or savoury, it allows you to have a queue of happy customers, whether for breakfast, lunch, supper or a delicious dessert.