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Luxury Gourmet Churros Mix

 No Deep Frying needed !

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The best way to save churros? who knows… we reckon with a good quality, dark chocolate sauce and a dusting of icing sugar… or maybe cinnamon sugar? Or maybe hot chocolate sauce and ice cream?

Certainly what you don’t want is a bland, limp ‘lacking all flavour’ churros – (Some churros are totally dependent upon the ‘add-on’ to add flavour – this is certainly not a recipe for repeat customers!)

When you use our churros mix (‘churros’ – also known as Spanish finger doughnuts) you will be making beautifull churros with the ideal tastes and textures – you will have churros that are crispy and light on the outside, yet wonderfully doughy, soft and light on the inside.

Our Churros mix has been carefully crafted to work well with our churros machine.

Churros are typically made with flour and flavorings and deep fried in fat/oil. However, our unique mix means no more deep frying so you get a healthier churros which is not oily, is lower in calories and has a lower fat content. So you happy customer gets the optimum churros – a portion of churros that is wonderfully crisp on the outside, but soft and tender inside – and best of all, not dripping in oil!

All it needs is 1-2 ladles of the mixture onto the specially shaped grill (designed in finger slices for individual churros) to make delicious crispy churros the healthy way.

No deep frying is needed – to produce 18-20 double portion of churros, simple add a kilo of Churros mix together with a cup of vegetable oil into to a litre of water and mix well – this will produce approximately 18 to 20 double portions. Serve this with chocolate and sugar, cinnamon, custard or just plain

Typical selling price: £2-3 per portion

Your cost per portion – £0.20p each 


please note design may differ- and normal packaging is in 1 kg bags