Luxury Gourmet Sweet Crepe Mix


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Luxury Gourmet Sweet Crepe Mix

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1kg £12.95  1x 1kg bag


£39.95 20 x 1kg bags
20kg £147.00 20x 1kg bags

    Ideal at any time of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner, our sweet Crepe mix produces beautifully fragrant and sweet, golden-crispy outside and warm-and-soft inside – truly crêpes that will delight your customers.

    We all know those places that serve bland, limp crepes – they rely on sauces and fillers to make up for their mediocre crêpes – we strongly disagree – a crêpe should be delightful by itself! If you use our mix you will discover  a premix that really is different – containing more than just simply flour it is enhanced with a delightful, fragrant blend of vanilla, biscuit, almond and citrus. With these subtle flavours, you will ensure that your crêpes made from this premix is a real treat.

    To make it extra special, try adding whipped cream and fruit? What about Nutella, banana, strawberry? or chocolate and nuts? how about crushed almonds together with strawberry, banana and honey? Redcurrent, blackberries, jam and cream? Wow!

    A step further would be to impress your guests with flambéing.

    To make portions of sweet crepes, add 1.7 litre of water per each kg of premix.