'Fudge Puppy' Profit Maker

A Fudge Puppy is basically a waffle on a stick – and like so many of our funfood products and both crowd pullers and serious profit makers.

Our fudge puppies are deliciously crisp outside and warm and delicious on the inside.

Most simply dip them in melted chocolate . However there is far more you can do eg cover them in ‘hundreds and thousands’, crushed nuts, cream, yoghurt…

Delicious Waffles on a stick, ready in minutes

5 x 5″ waffles on a stick, Fast 3 minute cook cycle, Makes 100 waffles per hour, Ship weight 42 lbs

Profit Calculator
Waffle mix – 17p, Setterstix – 2p, Tray – 2p
Cost Price – 21p
Suggested retail price – £1.50 (can sell from £1.50p-£3)
Profit – £1.29

GROSS PROFIT – 86% (figures for guidance only)