Top Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Top Fundraising Ideas for Charities


There are so many charities out there it can often prove difficult it can often be difficult to make your voice heard. And whilst events are a fantastic way of raising money as well as raising some awareness, attracting people is by no means an easy feet. So we have spoken to our numerous charity parties to find out how they raise those all-important funds and how our products could help attract the masses.

Fun Fairs

Fun Fairs are an easy sell, offering your local community a way of entertaining the little ones without having to travel too far or causing too much headaches. Perfect for the spring months when the weather brightens and there magically seems to be more hours in the day there are also rather inexpensive to organise. Using a playground or open space filled with stalls we would recommend: 

  • Decorate your own cupcake
  • Guess the sweets in a jar
  • Face painting
  • Fortune telling
  • Candy floss machines

All of these are a low cost, no fuss way of providing a fantastic experience without breaking the bank or finding yourself understaffed or overwhelmed.

Fun Run/Colour Runs

Marathons are all well and good, but they target a very specific section of society. Those people who genuinely enjoy exercising, probably the sort of people who relish getting out of bed before 8am each day. There are plenty of people who could benefit from a communal event without that doesn’t include extensive running so try organising a fun or colour run. Both of these options is wholesome fun for the whole family, offering an opportunity to enjoy that summer sunshine whilst gaining from some form of (light) exercise.

We would recommend investing in lots of candy floss for this sort of event. Light, fluffy and a little taste of sunshine it is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed day at the park and is an easy crown pleaser. 

Casino Night

Casino nights are an evening of decadence and luxury. Whilst most people cannot afford to go to Las Vegas, there is no reason a charity cannot bring a piece of Nevada to their local community. And remember the house always wins so purchase a black jack table, a few decks of cards, poker chips and charge people to spend their money on a good cause.

To keep prices down we would advise elegantly decorating some stalls and offering some sumptuous crepes. With a variety of toppings from savoury to indulgent it is possible to truly please the masses with a light, crispy crepe. Our favourite topping? Spinach with a poached egg, a classic twist on this old favourite.

School Disco

Team up with a local school and encourage them to instil a sense of charity in the younger generation with a school disco. A fantastic method of raising some awareness it is also a rather easy method of making some money. It may not bring in the big bucks, but a school disco is a low cost option and will guarantee profit. For a little further income and to make sure everyone enjoys themselves invest in some

popcorn and candyfloss, easy snacks with little mess the school and students will greatly appreciate these fun foods. (The parents less so…)

Posted by Lawrence Briendle on 22 March, 2016
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